Karen Endüstri Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, Karen Endüstri will not disclose the personal information transmitted electronically by users through the website to third parties beyond the purposes and scope determined by the Privacy Policy.

Types of Personal Information Collected from Users: Within the membership system, we request all contact information from our users, such as address, phone number, email address, and ID information. Additionally, credit card payment transactions are conducted with 3D Secure. Therefore, credit card information is requested by the bank and is not visible to anyone, including our company, and credit card information is not stored. This information is requested for invoicing, delivery of orders, and collection of product fees.

How Information Will Be Used by Karen Endüstri: Your information is used for payment and product delivery purposes and is protected within our company with an SSL certificate.

How Data is Transferred to Third-Party Companies: Customer information is strictly not shared with third-party institutions and organizations other than within our company for product delivery and customer registry purposes, without the consent of customers or unless there is a legal obligation. Karen Endüstri will only disclose this information within the framework of necessary authorizations and legal regulations when regulatory authorities and/or legislative, executive, judicial bodies request customer information.

How Information Will Be Modified, Deleted, or Kept Out of Scope: Changes or deletion of customer membership information are carried out upon the user's request.

Purpose of the Membership System: is only for entering information for product and/or service applications and updating information. Therefore, the purpose of the membership system is solely to ensure the orders reach us and are delivered smoothly.

Use of Personal Information by Karen Endüstri: Karen Endüstri may use personal information solely within its own structure to determine customer profiles and conduct statistical studies.

Commitments in Regards to Confidentiality: Karen Endüstri is committed to keeping personal information strictly private and confidential, considering it a duty of confidentiality and taking necessary precautions to ensure and maintain confidentiality, prevent disclosure of confidential information in whole or in part to the public domain, unauthorized use, or disclosure to a third party, and exercising necessary care.

Limitation of Liability: Despite Karen Endüstri taking necessary information security measures, Karen Endüstri will not be liable for any damage to confidential information or third parties obtaining it as a result of attacks on the site and system.

Our commitments in our Privacy Policy are only valid within our website and do not cover other websites. The privacy assurance and terms of use of other websites that can be accessed via links from our website are valid for the use of those sites. Karen Endüstri is not responsible for the information usage, ethical principles, privacy policies, quality, and service standards of other websites passed through advertisements, banners, or content or for any material/immoral damages and losses that may occur on these sites.

Karen Endüstri will ensure that companies comply with our company's privacy standards and terms when working with different organizations to obtain support services.

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